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Falcon has created a customer-focused system that adopts to offer feedback to consumers with the proposal of solution as soon as possible in order to maximize consumer satisfaction by evaluating all suggestions, complaints, requests and desires coming from consumers with the aim of providing quality products and services at all times. .

Falcon. including your personal data, are of great importance to the confidentiality and protection of your data that you have shared with us. Our goal is to protect your privacy and ensure the security of your data. The personal data being processed by Falcon is best protected within the technical possibilities.
Falcon stores, processes, and shares personal data with third parties for purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy. Falcon will not save on your personal data for any purpose other than that provided herein that is not legally applicable. Your data will be protected by high security measures, and your credit card and payment information will in no case be kept outside the limits allowed by law.
Falcon reserves the right to make changes and updates to this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice from users. You can find links to these changes and updates, or visit Falcon's www.falconmotosiklet.com.tr website.
Data relating to existing and potential customers may be acquired, stored, stored, maintained, modified, reorganized or otherwise processed and shared with third parties, in whole or in part, automatically or not. Customer data may include existing and potential customers with specific or identifiable data and personalized personal data. All of these data are collectively referred to as customer data.
Falcon operates customer consent, including personal data and personalized personal data, with the consent of the relevant customer, with the approval of the Membership Agreement. In addition, where explicitly provided for in the law;
Where it is necessary to process personal data of the parties to the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract;
Where it is compulsory for Falcon to fulfill its legal obligations;
Where personal data is publicized by the person concerned;
Where data processing is compulsory for the establishment, use or protection of a right, the customer data shall be treated as being limited to such legitimate purposes.
Falcon's purposes in processing customer data include: (1) selling goods or services; (2) performing delivery and installation services and providing collection of necessary payments; (3) performing after-sales maintenance and repair operations; (4) fulfilling legal obligations arising from various legislations and responding to consumer inquiries; (5) informing customers about new products and campaigns by maintaining advertising and marketing activities; (6) To determine the number of users visiting the site, type of user, frequency of visits, user behavior , The site from which the site arrives and the site visited after the Site, the geographical locations of the users, etc. (8) meeting management reporting needs; (9) ensuring that the Company's rights are used, including in matters relating to legal procedures or obtaining legal advice; (10) Carrying out the necessary activities if the whole or part of the Company, its operation or any part of the Company is sold; (11) Sharing the group company in which it is incorporated in line with management needs; (12) keeping the database of the shopping history after the end of the customer relationship or using it as evidence in case of a dispute.
Falcon can use Cookies to collect data to be processed for the above purposes. Technical contact files, called cookies, are small text files that a user of a website sends to a computer or mobile browser. Cookies can be blocked through the browser. The user's visit to the Site means that he or she approves the use of the cookie under the policy.
On the site, links to sites and content managed by third parties may be provided or provided access. 3. Any control or intervention authority of Falcon on the person content