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Useful Information

  • How should battery maintenance be done?

    What should be taken care of in non-aqueous acler care?
    1-Polar heads are clean and tight
    2-Charge of
    What should be taken care of when watery acupressure is maintained?
    1-Level control of pure water chambers should be done
    2-Pure water should be added to chambers missing pure water
    3-Acid bomb low acicular acids should be completed
    Is there a lot of motor damage in the excess water in the battery?
    Since the excess water that is put into the battery will overflow, it will cause acid damage to the chassis and paint parts of your motor. That means your engine is damaged.
    What should we look out for when battery maintenance is taking place?
    1-The contact is closed
    2-To ensure that the cargo is definitely away from the fire of the spark
    3-To work with gloves, protect our skin and clothes from battery water and steam
    4-After battery maintenance, it must be checked that the tensioner or connection apparatus has been replaced in order to prevent it from shaking after the battery is replaced in the motorcycle.
    5-Care must be taken to ensure that the plus and minus connections of the pole heads are made properly.

  • How should chain maintenance be?

    Every gear and chain has a lifetime. The chains that are not built can be deformed, even broken in hard usage, putting the life of the driver in danger, damaging the motorcycle. The chains are used in a smooth and flat manner.

    What can we do to protect the chain of motors?

    1-We have to lubricate our chain periodically with high quality chain spreyi after a certain km. We must do this lubrication more frequently in heavy weather.

    2-Chains should be cleaned with special chain cleaning spray or special solutions with the help of oil paint brush at certain times.

    3-The washed chain should be greased after it is thoroughly dry.

    4-Each chain has an ideal strain gauge, which is usually indicated on the back of the motorcycle label or in the manual.

    Excessive number of chains or extreme tension chains damage motor and gears.The effect of decoupling is best. It is best to change the chains as front and rear gears, as a set. It is best not to chain the chain but to rivet the machine.

  • How should lubrication be?

    If the chain lubrication motor is not on the stand, two people are required to squeeze the front brake on the side stand (if you do not see how it is done, you can damage yourself and your motor) by turning the tire on both sides of the chain, and it is absolutely necessary to apply it so that it does not come on the tire.


    After lubrication, do not move immediately, expect a little tightening of the oil.

  • What should we pay attention to when riding a motorcycle?

    Motorcycles should not be washed with machines generating high pressure water, if they are forced to be washed they should be protected against cooling radiator honeycombs, electronic equipments, electronic circuits and relays.

    The muffler outlet must be plugged in order to prevent water from escaping into the muffler.

    Never store water in hot motor and brake discs.

    The waters on the new washed motor should be wiped off and dried.

    Motorcycles that are used immediately after washing may cause slippage in sudden bends and corners due to the flow of water on them.

    Periodically, the motor should be cleaned with protective varnish, and black plastic parts should not be polished.

    Plastic parts should be cleaned with quality plastic cleaners sold on the market.

    It is beneficial to wash it with clean sponge and cheap brand hair shampoos sold on the market.

  • How should motorcycle tire care be?

    We know that bad and neglected tires are missing driving pleasure. What's more, a maintenance-free tire can bring the driver to life with a vital danger. How can our motorcycle tires be protected? Can there be a change in the tires of motorcycles that are not used in the winter?
    Yes, the pressure and structure of the tire, which usually remains on the concrete floor and in unfavorable weather conditions for weeks, will change.
    What needs to be done to prevent the change?
    Place the tires in place.
    It is advisable to use front and rear frames on some motorcycles.
    It is also useful to place plastic between the floor and tires on the wooden side.
    What are the controls that must be made in front of the tires before the start of the season?
    At the beginning of the season, every motorcycle tire should be checked to see if it has cracks, wear, excessive hardening, deformation and hidden scratches.
    In case this happens, the tires must be replaced with new ones.

  • What should we pay attention to when changing the tire?

    1-To ensure that the front and rear wheels are of the proper size as recommended by the motor manufacturer.
    2-If only the front or rear will change tires to be on the same profile.
    3-To ensure that the date of manufacture of the tire to be purchased is newly dated.
    In non-tubular tires, your tire changes with the inner tubes
    5-During the installation of the tire, make sure that the arrow on the tire is in the correct direction
    6-We need to pay attention to the control of the bearings during the installation of the rim to the motor, to replace it if there is space and noise, and to lubricate the wheel spindle with grease.

  • How should the maintenance of the drainage screws be?

    Every motorcycle should be tightened with appropriate keys, loosened bolts and screws during tightening. It is recommended that frequent loosening bolts be tightened with special medications.

  • How should the maintenance of the brake fluid be done?

    The level of brake hydraulics should be controlled, hydraulic oils should be replaced with brands and types recommended at certain times. Time ranges are specified in manual books. The wear levels of front and rear brake pads should also be observed.
    The brake discs and the drum are damaged if the worn and discontinued brake pads are not checked.
    Occasionally, the brake pads must be cleaned with a liner cleaner sprayer.
    Why does the oil level in the hydraulic reservoir fall?
    The oil in the hydraulic reservoir drops for two reasons.
    1-Due to leaks and leaks in the brake system
    2-Due to excessive wear of brake pads
    After changing the brake pin, the level of the hydraulic oil reservoir will be replaced.
    It is necessary to wash the parts and hands with plenty of water after completing, so as not to contaminate the painted parts while hydraulic oil reinforcement is being done.

  • When should we change the motorcycle oil?

    Each engine has periodic oil change km and time. In unused motorcycles, the oil life is one year. Otherwise, the oil lubrication feature is lost. Every motorcycle manual should be changed and the recommended time should be changed by using the oil recommended by the manufacturer.
    Are there other things we need to change when changing the oil?
    It is beneficial that the oil filter changes every oil change. It is recommended to change the Carter plug seal in each oil change.
    After the engine has been installed in the oil, the engine should not be started immediately. It is necessary to wait for the other one to be on the stop button, the oil lamp is now in sight, and the oil lamp to turn off with short starts.
    The oil may cause wear in the engine due to lubrication in newly replaced engines, which will be completed later than normal time. The motor should be controlled at a flat position with the oil level at every exit on every long road and every molten run.
    In some engines with full synthetic oil, oil reduction is normal in very low amounts at high speeds and revs.